Piano Improvisations at Gio’s December 26th

Süss at the Heintzman

Süss at the Heintzman

Boxing Day at Gio’s.

I will be doing piano improvisations, and some Choice Standards if I get to them. Some Tom Waits, Cedar Walton, Sergio Mendez, Joni Mitchell, and songs I don’t sing to.

I will be taking requests, so if you’ve got any, please deliver them up! I do take advance requests.

Winter Songs Dec 12th

What a fun night!

It was great to have a variety of folks performing together in this cabaret evening.

Katie Murphy and I performed some of my tunes and some of her tunes.

There was someone from the drag community, Cheron Sharealike; someone from the Gio’s staff team, David Fox; a karaoke superstar and opera student, Erin Barkwell and Winnipeg singer/songwriter Katie Murphy. It was a great night of participation from many walks of life that make up Gio’s Club, Bar and Beverage Room.

Thanks to Erin Barkwell and Angie for taking photos.


Winter Songs with Süss December 12

Winter Songs with Süss and special guests

Winter Songs with Süss and special guests


Süss will perform her favorite winter songs on December 12th at Gio’s Beverage Room, 155 Smith Street from 4:30 – 7:3o.
Her special guests will include Katie Murphy, who will be performing the winter songs with Süss and some Gio’s karaoke superstars, namely Erin Barkwell and David Fox and Cheron Sharealike Lamour.

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Süss at Oikos Fireside #2

Friday, December 4th, Süss performs at the Oikos CoOperative at 697 Wellington Crescent with Eva Klassen and Twin.

Show starts at 8pm, and includes piano improvisations, and a jam with random instruments – BYOIetc.  $6.


Good-bye Bling

Süss Music at Gio's

Süss Music at Gio’s

Süss Music at Gio’s – Good-bye bling. Having lost the bling ring that Penner gave to me several years ago, I thought I would post a performance photo of me wearing it on this page.

The photo was taken during the Godfather event at Gio’s, a June event to honour the childless elders of the community. The manager of Gio’s even brought his mother! She’s over 80.

My next special occasion at Gio’s will be December 12th, where I will put on a show called Winter Songs featuring some stellar singers who frequent Gio’s: Erin Barkwell, opera singer and karaoke hot star; Cheron Sharealike Lamour, court title holder and secret musician; David Fox, actor, karaoke host, and Glee! fan; and very special guest Katie Murphy. The music will start at 4:30

Süss workshopping with Murray Pulver of Doc Walker and Ego Spank!

Süss recently completed a  songwriting session with Murray Pulver at Empire Studio.

“It was excellent to play with someone who picked up guitar lines and harmony lines immediately. Murray helped me to get the rough draft of the song aligned with its own self-contained ideas, and made a great chordal suggestion.”

The song, called “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, will be added to Süss’s setlist shortly.