Music Director for Three Sisters: A Black Opera – Chekhovfest!

Three Sisters

Three Sisters: A Black Opera In Three Acts

January 2014:

Embodying a surreal prairie landscape and a prairie Gothic aesthetic, Three Sisters is a dark comedy that subverts the great prairie narrative, uncovering a clown-like world that is sinister, gauche and suffocating.


REVIEWED – Three Sisters: A Black Opera in Three Acts

Three Sisters: A Black Opera in Three Acts

Musical Direction by Süss

About the Musical Director: Süss first set fingers to the piano keys at age 4, and has been feeling around for musical pleasure ever since. Süss gets out of this little fricking town with a singer/songwriter project, this year releasing a new EP release, “Myths on My Body”. Süss keeps the fingers tightly wound around the necks of musical projects spanning worlds beyond this little festival as Music Director (Moving Gallery, 2013; PTE Theatre School; harm reduction for Anglicans), accompanist (MTYP Theatre School) and educator (PTE theatre school, West End Cultural Centre, Rossbrook House).