Canadian Shield part 2

Stopping at a roadside picnic spot for a break led to a tiny dip. If you are mammalian, I don’t recommend going further in than this before the May long weekend.

Dip in a lake at a stop off the #17. Very chilly on a May Day.

Canadian Shield part 1

The Canadian Shield is a vast and beautiful area of the country.

The Süss Music Spring Tour 2011 travelled across it by hatchback, managing to avoid collision with, but attaining sights of moose, deer, crane, rodent and fox.

There is a twinning project of the 17 Highway between Toronto and Thunder Bay, so there were incredible stretches of newly blasted open granite, shale, and marbled quartz. The colours were stunning and varied.

Stopping for some Rockface along the rolling #17

Canadian Shield Purple and Green

Climbing this rockface proved to be an excellent break from sitting in the hatchback. I loved the visceral connection of the sunshine on my skin, the warmed rock face, and the dangerous climb up the sage and purple shale, sometimes in sturdy outcroppings, sometimes peeling off in giant slivers and tiny sheets.