“The Kracken Song” is available as the free “Download of the week” from Manitoba Music!

The Kracken Song - Free Music Download

The Kracken Song – Free Music Download

Every week, Manitoba Music offers free a downloadable music track by a great local artist. Available for a limited time from Thursday to Thursday, be sure to grab “The Kracken Song” while you can!!


Süss is set to release Myths On My Body, the long-awaited follow-up to 2007’s I Just Ride My Bike. The quirky singer/songwriter will hit the stage at the Gas Station Arts Centre on April 25 with her all-star band — which features familiar faces like Daniel ROA on drums and Gilles Fournier on bass, as well as the EP’s JUNO-nominated co-producer and musician, Dan Donahue — along with openers Eagle Lake OwlsCBC Scene recently caught up with Süss, who also took to one of the Downtown Biz ‘painted pianos for an little acoustic performance of the EP’s lead track, “The Kracken Song”. And the studio version of the waltz just so happens to be this week’s featured tune. Download it for free and don’t miss Süss live!

Myths On My Body EP Release April 25.14| Gas Station Arts Centre



Myths On My Body EP Release April 25.14| Gas Station Arts Centre
Süss with Special Guests: Eagle Lake Owls & The Random Cousins’ Choir
Doors Open @ 7:00, show @ 8:00 | $17 advance $20 @ the door

Tickets Available at: Into the Music, The University of Winnipeg Info Booth and The Gas Station Arts Centre (Call to reserve: 204-284-9477)

Süss’s six Myths describe a range of stories, from The Kracken Song, a Parisienne Waltz about a mythical mini-version of deep sea creature that feeds on broken hearts to Desert Cactus (Lured to Urbanization by an Incarnation of Venus), a texas pop blues.

Süss rhymes with Juice

Music Director for Three Sisters: A Black Opera – Chekhovfest!

Three Sisters

Three Sisters: A Black Opera In Three Acts

January 2014:

Embodying a surreal prairie landscape and a prairie Gothic aesthetic, Three Sisters is a dark comedy that subverts the great prairie narrative, uncovering a clown-like world that is sinister, gauche and suffocating.


REVIEWED – Three Sisters: A Black Opera in Three Acts

Three Sisters: A Black Opera in Three Acts

Musical Direction by Süss

About the Musical Director: Süss first set fingers to the piano keys at age 4, and has been feeling around for musical pleasure ever since. Süss gets out of this little fricking town with a singer/songwriter project, this year releasing a new EP release, “Myths on My Body”. Süss keeps the fingers tightly wound around the necks of musical projects spanning worlds beyond this little festival as Music Director (Moving Gallery, 2013; PTE Theatre School; harm reduction for Anglicans), accompanist (MTYP Theatre School) and educator (PTE theatre school, West End Cultural Centre, Rossbrook House).


The Charismatics – retro pop band

The Charismatics - retro pop band

The Charismatics – retro pop band

DJBeekeeni & The Charismatics
Tony Ustel – Bongo
DJBeekeeni – vocals
Suss – organ
Photo by Carrie Bryson
Come to our show, Weds. Sept 11/13 opening for “Tav Falco’s Panther Burns” along with “The Driving Wheel”,” King Cabernet ” (DJ) and a mini-hair show by Society The Salon! DOORS OPEN at 8pm! An event full of retro-psych rhythm & blues, cocktail jazz pop and wild hair!

Süss workshop: The Music In Your Body: finding your voice

The Music In Your Body: finding your voice

The Music In Your Body: finding your voice

As part of ACI Manitoba’s second Artist + Community Symposium, Suss contributed to the Community Arts Practice Live Demonstrations Synopsis:Local musician and songwriter, Süss, engaged symposium delegates with excerpts from her community building workshop, “The Music in Your Body:
Finding Your Voice”. Following a spoken introduction, Süss lead participants in creating a soundscape together, made with sounds from the human voice. This workshop was designed to build feelings of commonality in the midst of diversity, to allow any verbal person to participate in a shared sound experience with any other verbal person.